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POCKET SQUARES ARE TIMELESS! They never go out of style, and are the perfect way to top off a well fitted suit or sport jacket!

But the knowledge of how to fold a pocket square has not been passed onto most men.

Not to worry – we are filling the gap with this simple pocket square info-graphic!

Fold #1 – The Presidential Fold

This fold is one of the easiest ways to fold a pocket square. It is best for elegant attire such as a formal business dress, with a black tie. 


Fold #2 – One Tip Up

Another popular way to fold the pocket square is the triangular “one tip up” fold. It suits any type of pocket square and dress code. You will definitely rock your blazer by having this fold with a solid colored, non-white, pocket square.

Fold #3 – Two Tips Up

Looking for a somewhat different pocket square fold? This is the one. This fold type suits any pocket square color & pattern. Try to choose this fold for patterned pocket squares accessorizing a casual-sleek outfit that is rather sophisticated than formal.

Fold #4 – Three Tips Up

This type of fold that is sometimes also called “The Pocket Square Aficionado's Fold” or “Crown Fold” is perfect for patterned and colored pocket squares. Although this fold would suit formal attire, most men prefer it when paired with a blazer jacket or sports coat.

Fold #5 – The Casual Fold

This type of fold, sometimes also called “The Puff fold”, is ideal for a more casual-sleek outfit. It looks best when used for patterned pocket squares. We would recommend this fold for our pocket squares that have unique paisley patterns, tartan checks, and polka dots. This fold is less suited for formal attire.

 We hope you got an idea on different ideas of how to fold a pocket square