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Color Schemes Applicable to Different Tie Knots

Ever get stuck between matching your tie or bow tie with your pocket square, or just mix and match them to have contrast? Here is the thing: The main rule to consider when wearing a pocket square with a tie or a bow tie is that they shouldn't match exactly. 
While the colors should complement each other, matching patterns of your tie or bow tie with your pocket square is the ultimate recipe for disaster. Just as other pieces of your attire differ in fabric and pattern color such as your suit, shirt and tie, so should your pocket square!
We have created a very simple way to make sure you get the best color match of your tie or bow tie and your pocket square choice that suits your whole outfit; THE COLOR WHEEL.
There are four ways to do this:
1. COMPLEMENTARY COLOR SCHEMES; which come by mixing colors that lie opposite to one another on the color wheel, to have a strong contrast. Pair an orange tie or bow tie with a blue pocket square to complement your look, or the other way around.

2. TRIADIC COLOR SCHEMES; these are the colors that form the equilateral triangle. Blue, red and yellow form a triad color scheme, as do green orange and purple. So by mixing a navy blue tie or bow tie with a maroon pocket square, you will create both harmony and balance between warm and cool colors.
3. ANALOGOUS COLOR SCHEMES; or colors that are adjacent on the color wheel. By choosing to pair a blue tie or bow tie with a lilac pocket square, you can create a sophisticated, yet subtle look.
4. NEUTRAL COLOR SCHEME: If one of your two accessories (tie/bow tie or pocket square) is a neutral color, then the other one can be any color that you like it to be, as neutrals go well with any color. The color scheme is applicable to different tie knots including the Windsor tie knot, and the half Windsor knot.